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Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes,Mn (Min):99.7%,
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Product description
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Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes,Mn (Min):99.7%,
Physical property
Electrolytic manganese metal is obtained by acid leaching of manganese ore to obtain manganese salt, and then sent to the electrolytic cell to analyze the elemental metal. Appears like iron, irregularly shaped, firm and brittle, one side bright, the other side is rough, silvery white to brown, silvery gray after processing into powder; easy to oxidize in air, dissolved and displaced in case of dilute acid Hydrogen, when slightly above room temperature, decomposes water and releases hydrogen.
The metal manganese is mainly extracted by thermal method (fire method) and electrolysis method (wet method). The purity of the hot method (metal manganese) is not more than 95 to 98%, and the pure metal manganese is prepared by electrolysis ( Electrolytic manganese metal), its purity can reach 99.7 ~ 99.9% or more. Now, electrolysis production has become the main way of producing manganese metal.
Application field
1. Manganese and manganese alloys are one of the indispensable important raw materials for the steel industry, aluminum alloy industry, magnetic material industry and chemical industry.
2.Manganese is an indispensable additive in the smelting industry. After the electrolytic manganese is processed into powder, it is the main raw material for the production of trimanganese tetraoxide. The original magnetic materials widely used in the electronics industry are produced by trimanganese tetraoxide, electronics industry, metallurgy. Both the industrial and aerospace industries require the electrolysis of manganese metal. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, electrolytic manganese metal has been successfully and widely used in iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronic technology, chemical industry, environmental protection due to its high purity and low impurity characteristics. Food hygiene, welding rod industry, aerospace industry and other fields.
3. The purity of electrolytic manganese is very high. Its function is to increase the hardness of metal materials. The most widely used manganese-copper alloy, manganese-aluminum alloy, 200 series stainless steel, manganese can improve the strength and toughness of alloys in these alloys. Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Electrolytic manganese is produced by electrowinning or electrolytic remelting. Our company, Hunan Gerui Technology Co., Ltd. adopts electrolytic remelting, with higher manganese content, lower content of cs and other elements, and wider use range. National standard for manganese metal GB/T2774-2006, electric silicon thermal method, grade JMN97B: chemical composition: MN ≥ 97.0%, C ≤ 0.08%, SI ≤ 0.6%, FE ≤ 2.0%, P ≤ 0.04%, S ≤ 0.03%, TI≤0.02%; electrolytic remelting, grade JCMN97: chemical composition: MN≥97.0%, C≤0.05%, SI≤0.4%, FE ≤2.0%, P≤0.03%, S≤0.04%,TI ≤0.02%.
The specific chemical composition and particle size can be produced according to customer needs, please contact us.
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